The world’s first 100% charity dog food

It’s delicious, nutritional and all profits
go towards helping animals in need


Feed your dog high-quality food while supporting a good cause!



wholegrain cereals dehydrated apples
dehydrated chicken dehydrated beetroot mash
chicken fat sundried lucerne meal
fresh meat and byproducts natural herbs: Rosa Canina, Urtica diotica
ocean fish and byproducts fruits and vegetables
hydrolyzed poultry protein natural Omega-3 fatty acids
duck fat vitamins and microelements + organic selenium
brewer’s yeast organic trace elements (zing, manganese, copper, selenium, iron)



With added fresh meat and by-products.


Enriched with natural unsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids.


Easily digested balanced food prepared according to the special nutritional needs of mini and small breeds.


Special Herbal blend for healthy natural toning.


Clinoptilolite for natural detoxification.


1What does SHARO Foundation do?
Sharo Foundation is dedicated to helping stray cats and dogs. We work hard to provide good care for the animals in our shelter, to make sure that they are safe, fed and in good health. And our ultimate goal is to find loving homes for them. We fight against animal cruelty and uncontrolled breeding of cats and dogs by trying to reduce their population via spay/neuter programs and projects.
2Is this really a high quality food or it is just an ad?
Yes! From the very beginning we have focused on producing high quality food. We want our customers and their dogs to be happy and content both with our quality food and the cause behind it. Therefore we have ensured that a special formula is produced for us – easily digested, balanced, prepared in compliance with the special nutritional needs of miniature and small breeds.
3Are the ingredients really 100% natural?
Of course! In order to guarantee high quality we use only natural products from reliable suppliers.
4How can we contact you?
5Can we help?
We are open to new ideas and we are always grateful to people ready to help us with their professional skills. If you wish to support us financially, you can do that via the button up or directly at the DONATION PAGE
6Where can we find more information about you?
More information about the cause can be found at www.sharo.bg
7Is this food better than the others in the same price range?
We could not possibly make such a statement without enough information on all food brands on the market, but actually the price of a product similar to ours would be considerably higher, if it is sold via the regular distribution channel. You save money by skipping the number of distributors and middlemen along the chain.
8What herbs are included?
Dog rose (Rosa Canina) – particularly rich in vitamin С, В1, В2, as well as antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, organic acids and tanning substances. It has a generally boosting effect, antioxidant and immuno stimulating effect.
Nettle ( Urtica diotica ) – improves metabolism and has antiseptic properties, boosts immunity and lowers blood sugar. It also has a positive effect on erythrocytes and the hemoglobin content.
9Why is this food not GRAIN FREE like many of the foods advertised on the market?
According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration these types of food are linked to cardio-vascular diseases in dogs. Although research is still ongoing, we believe we should not succumb to trends risking the health of dogs.
10How do you help?
By purchasing our dog food you not only make the best choice for your pet, but you also support a noble cause helping stray animals. Thanks to all the people who have joined us we have had a number of happy end stories of rescued and adopted animals, which we share on our website. You can also be part of the stories!